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HotDirtyIvone  - Naked shitty & horny - Naked and dirty
MilanaSmelly - Don’t want to suffocate – eat shit faster
MissAnja  - Tease, Dirty Talk, Messy Anal Playing, Licking Shitty Finger
SweetBettyParlour (a.k.a. DirtyBetty)
Celestial a.k.a. Aria, AstraCelstial, Celestial Matilda
Mistress  - Double dish of shit from two Mistresses
Eat My Monster Shit Right From My Arsehole + Blooper
ChocolateLover  - Ballbusting and scat with bag on head
PastelGoddess  - Bored Schoolgirl Takes a Shit
MilanaSmelly - Smell for toilet slave only
marcos579 - Fragrant Treat from Mrs. Emily
Mistress - She humiliated, crushed, eat shit, and happy - Gotcha, dwarf, serve us, lick, suck menses
MilanaSmelly - Penis doesn’t work? Hence, you’ll eat shit