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Mistress Emily - Taste My Stinky SHIT
Mistress Emily - You are Only Toilet for Me
Mistress Emily - You Need to Swallow My SHIT
evamarie88  - Fart And Shart For Boss
Mistress Emily - Delicious Shit Breakfast
LoveRachelle2  - Shitting For You Makes My Pussy Ooze Cum
Tegan  - Poo By The Christmas Tree
lola1  - Chocolate booty shake and a thick turd on the side
mystresstee  - Creaming my Pussy while I shit
Tegan  - Bedroom Platter Poop
mystresstee  - Eat my Poo Brownies
evamarie88  - Scared And Shit My Leggings
Enormous Big Scat By Sophia Faber And Penelope - Take My Enormous Shit In Your Little Sweet Mouth
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