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Modern Whorefare Pt#2 (Advanced Scat Training)
MissAnnasToilet  - A Harsh Introduction
MilanaSmelly  - Chocolate lunch from Karina and Kamilla
Lila  - Poop on slave after morning coffee
PrincessNikki - Shit sandwich alà Tina Blade (2nd cam)
MilanaSmelly  - Foot aroma, turds from girls
MilanaSmelly  - 100% home video Christina and I
MilanaSmelly  - Mark met Karina and Anna
Karina's huge shit portion blocked my breathing
Scat Interracial - Eat My Diarrhea Sweet Blonde Girl
Happy sluts serve gleefully and substitute holes
Mistress Gaia - My Female Full Toilet
Mistress Gaia - Female Slave Shitted And Peed
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