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DirtyPrincess  - Two thick poops that stretch my hole nice and wide
DirtyPrincess  - 2 Hole-stretching turds & poop on a plate
DirtyPrincess  - Pushing out logs morning & night!
DirtyPrincess  - Sweet sundress shit and pee on the floor
DirtyPrincess  - Smushing and squirting round 2
DirtyPrincess  - Urgent shit plops on the floor
DirtyPrincess  - Petite girl has fun playing with her hole before releasing a huge log
DirtyPrincess  - Wide poop into a bowl
DirtyPrincess  - Pooping a long thick one into a bowl in my bedroom
DirtyPrincess  - My nice wide load comes out in 2 parts
DirtyPrincess  - Prepping my load on a plate for you
DirtyPrincess  - Big thick poop and bright yellow pee in a bowl
DirtyPrincess - Pushing out a thick log after work
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