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MilanaSmelly  - I’m a toilet for two stinky morning ladies
MilanaSmelly  - Feeding in the car 
MilanaSmelly - Repeated strangulation by female shit. p.1.Christina
MilanaSmelly  - Female farting’s smell is my food’s smell
MilanaSmelly - Don’t want to suffocate – eat shit faster
Celestial a.k.a. Aria, AstraCelstial, Celestial Matilda
MilanaSmelly - Smell for toilet slave only
MilanaSmelly - Penis doesn’t work? Hence, you’ll eat shit
MilanaSmelly  - Mistress Christina’s personal toilet
ModelNatalya94  - Sniff my farting and eat my shit!
MilanaSmelly - Chocolate treat after flogging with cold shower
Alina pooping in panties in nature and walking
MilanaSmelly - Fragrant treat from Mrs. Victoria’s ass
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